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Gallery of things that don't quite fit into the actual comic.

Chapter 1 Page 8 in color

Taken out of the comic because the black and white version was much more dramatic. C: Original posting

Battle request

Just felt like it was in the way. owo; Original posting


Fan art I've received

By Holly-Ann-xD of Gaiaonline.com

[By Holly-Ann-xD of Gaiaonline.com] C: Yay! His first fan art!

By Koko- Queen of Hearts of Gaiaonline.com

[By Koko- Queen of Hearts of Gaiaonline.com] <333 So cute. She definitely got his expression down. xD

By p e a c h - parfait of Gaiaonline.com

[By p e a c h - parfait of Gaiaonline.com] Wooo, another one! =D Yay for Gaians. xD Original posting

By Nashira for Pecha

[By Nashira for Pecha] This was actually fan art done for one of my favorite comics, Pecha, but it's art of a character I made for that comic (and this one!), Naota, so I thought I'd post a link to it here. ('Cept you only see Naota in Wooper form in this comic and gijinka in the other.) C :

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